What is iSmart?

iSmart is an inclusive tool that can be used at home or at schools. Students access iSmart from their tablet (or other mobile device).

Who is iSmart from?

iSmart is likely to help everyone, however our team designed it specifically for students who have some sort of reading or writing difficulties. Everyone is special in his/her own, and so we have features for everyone!

Is iSmart free?

No, iSmart is not for free, and you need a subscription in order to use this. You can purchase a subscription from our website. A subscription is required for EVERY student/child, all other users are FREE! However, our software comes with a free trial. (14-days for iSmart Home and 60days for iSmart Class and iSmart School).

Where can I get iSmart it from?

If you are a parent, and you wish to support your child whilst doing homework, you need to get a subscription for iSmart Home from our website.

If you are a teacher, psychologist or a school administrator, you also need to get a subscription for iSmart Class or iSmart School.

All students will need to download the “iSmart” on their tablet/mobile device from Google Play, Apple Store or Windows Store (this will depend on your device).

Which version is good for me?

iSmart comes in 3 versions: Home, Class and School (Coming soon). iSmart Home is purchased by the parent if the school your child attends does not have iSmart. You can also gently ask the school to allow access!

iSmart Class is an inclusive tool, therefore we suggest that ALL students in the class will have an iSmart account.

iSmart School is ideal for schools who would like to integrate iSmart with their existing school platform.