/ How can we continue to pay it forward?
January 29, 2018

It’s funny how all the world seems to be connected, right? This applies also for iSmart and Jacob’s Brew.

Jacob’s Brew is all about Paying It Forward and hoping to make the world a better place, while iSmart aims to ensure that all schools are inclusive and students with learning difficulties can keep up with the demanding scholastic needs.

iSmart just gave away 5 FREE licenses to 5 special students. These licenses have been donated by Family Ostafiehyk; Emmanuela and Paul and daughter Francesca. They will keeping paying for iSmart till these students reach university level. The family is currently living in Lincoln, UK but they have resided in Marsascala for some years, with one of their sons owning the same premises that has now been turned into Jacob’s Brew. So you see the connection now, right?

Jacob and Sarah have been meeting different people from all walks of life, and we have trusted them to finding us 5 special students that deserve to have iSmart while at school.

Here are some photos from our meeting with the parents and students. A demonstration was given and they all left the coffee shop hopeful and with a tummy full of tea and cake!

We still have some free iSmart accounts for grabs. If you think you deserve to get iSmart for free, or would like to nominate a class, visit: https://getismart.com/sponsor/

If you want to try iSmart yourself for free, we are offering a 15 days trial for the Home version and 60 days trial for the class version (www.getismart.com/sign-up). Join our growing iSmart community by downloading our app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

iSmart … Read. Learn. Achieve.