iSmart School Features

iSmart school is packed with features you cannot afford to miss in your school! Implementing this in your school will be of benefit to your students and also to your staff!

Text to Speech

Talk to a student with a learning difficulty and they will tell you how challenging it is for them to read text. The text to speech feature helps them read those difficult words in multiple languages.

Speech to Text

iSmart is able to recognise different languages and show the students the written equivalent on the app. This is helpful when they need to spell a particularly difficult word or else as a different way of inputting text to be used for homework or other documents.

Letter and Number Colouring

Difficult characters in languages (like b and d in English) are highlighted in a different colour for students to be able to pay them particular attention whilst reading. The same also applies to digits that can be confusing (like 2 and 5).

Reading Ruler

iSmart mimics the reading ruler tool that allows the highlighting of a line at a time to facilitate reading. This can be applied to any document or eBook.

Adaptation & Personalisation

A fully customisable app for the child, according to one's preferences. This includes background colours, font types, button colours, font-sizes and line heights. This will ensure that reading becomes easier.

Mind Mapping Support

What's a great tool without Mind Mapping? Research shows that the use of Mind Mapping can help not only students with dyslexia but all those who have some form of learning difficulty. Our tool also integrates mind mapping as one of its core functions.

Messaging Platform

Send messages to parents, teachers or students with a tap of a button. No need for lists or groups, the platform can handle this for you. Messages can be both text and audio and can also be used to send homework from students to teachers.

Homework Support

The app includes the facility to keep track of any tasks and homework due for each student. This avoids confusion for students and gives support to parents who would now know what work needs to be done and by when.

Material / Resource Sharing

Anyone can easily share any material or great resources with children and students on iSmart. Direct integration is available with Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and Box.

Parents Portal

As a parent, you can use iSmart to get real-time information from teachers or school. Use the portal to be able to view homework, marks, messages and also load different materials and activities for your child to enjoy.

Teachers Portal

In iSmart Class and iSmart School the teacher/s will be able to manage daily activities needed for the smooth management of a class. These include timetabling, homeworks, events and notes. It is also possible to communicate with parents and other teaching staff. iSamrt School users will be able to send and receive data from their existing MIS.

Learning Support Teacher Portal

iSmart allows parents and schools to add their learning support teachers in order to help facilitate communication. This would ensure timely information and reports to be exchanged on the child's improvement and current activities.

Mobile Compatible

All users will have the ability to access all these great features from any portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Available on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Dyslexic Friendly

The app was developed together with specialist psychologists and fully tested with students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia. We have built our tool around the students' needs to fully support them in their daily life.


Schools can view a number of reports generated from this tool, such as marks, grades, absentees and much more. End of year reporting has never been easier.

School Management System Integration

Integrate iSmart with your existing management information system in order to facilitate data transfer and avoid duplication of data inputting.

Games & Apps

iSmart is great, but there are a number of other apps and games that can continue improving your child's school experience. A fully packed list of approved games and apps will be made available at your finger tips to be used during classwork and homework.