Our Story

A great solution starts with a great challenge. This is the iSmart story.

Rewind back to around 6 years ago when a frustrated mother (of a dyslexic child) and a colleague, who happened to be tech savvy, dreamt of an application that could help dyslexic students collect information during the school hours to take back home.

The dream became a reality when our company together with other partners managed to win fierce competition for European Union funds, and the project entitled iSmart was awarded. Following an exciting 3 years, lots of lessons learnt, piloting periods in 3 countries, beta versions and tons of paperwork, we decided to invest further and put our hearts and dedication to bring iSmart School and iSmart Home to your devices.

Backed up enthusiastically by educational experts, programmers, designers and the dyslexia community itself, we believe that our apps will revolutionise the way students learn, study and grow to reach their full potential sooner than ever.