/ That blank look after school
December 5, 2016

jackI’m a mother … like many of you I have a teenage son who is my whole world, however it’s been several years now that he comes home from school with that blank look which is a mixture of frustration and alienation. I have other colleagues with me at work who all have similar stories, and it seems that kids are all ‘lost’ somewhere along the line throughout their school life.

What’s really happening here? Are we failing at teaching and parenting, or are kids needing new ways to keep them engaged and motivated? Have we given our children too much, so when they go to school they are finding too little?

I’m not sure of the answer, but as a technologist I set about creating different projects to test out different theories using ICT and technology tools, in the hope that these would somehow “wake” kids up. I also try to spend time teaching educators and teachers how to use new tools like robots, games, tablets and more.

The project that gave me the best results to date was “iSmart” and this one focused on children with dyslexia, that maybe feel even more lost than others both at school and when they come back home. We set about building an app that can be used by teachers, parents and the students themselves within the classroom and also at home after school.

We tested in 3 countries – Turkey, Sweden and the Czech Republic and had varying degrees of success, however it was all so positive that I now want to take iSmart to market. It means redesigning it from the ground up, adding even more functions, translating it in multiple languages and making sure that it works for all children with different learning difficulties.

However I’m not a millionaire-ess, so I don’t afford to give this the big bang it requires, although I am committed to see this through no matter what. This is why we’ve now launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and I’m also actively looking for investors.

So help me remove that blank look after school. Support iSmart by crowdfunding here or contact me on email [email protected].